Is Our Cell Phone Data Being Breached?

Is It True That The Michigan State Police Are Storing Your Personal Cellphone Data Unethically?

Privacy is a huge issue in Michigan right now, and the residents are pretty scared that the police are downloading their cellphone data illegally. Just a couple weeks back, there were some privacy breaches with medical marijuana patients, and there is even more disturbing news on the way. In the last couple of days, there have been tons of claims of unconstitutional searches and seizures of cell phone information. Mark Fancher works at the ACLU, and he is just a staff attorney there. However, he tried to get records from the state police on the matter and just came up short. He had a difficult time getting the information, and they ended up just delaying them. He said that this just made the situation more troublesome in the publics’ eye.

The information collection devices that are used by the Michigan State Police were allowing them to download their phone files, photographs, texts, and phone call logs. The Michigan State Police say that they only use the information for severe cases involving homicide, child harm, and other big cases too.untitled-1

Even if that is only what they are using it for, the real problem is making sure the technology is misused. They don’t want people running around and searching peoples’ cell phones data needlessly. If there is no transparency or cooperation, then the public will start to get a shoddy message.

The public is notably wary about the potential for any police department to download their private information and use it in weird ways. No one wants to have their cell phone data compromised, even if they were not breaking any law.

Given the recent breaches in online security at the IRS just about every IRS lawyer is looking into beefing up the system. Taxpayers deserve privacy andĀ IRSĀ help. The same is true regarding cell phone data.

It can be troublesome and disturbing to know that police agents are downloading cell phone data and hiding this information from the public. They need to be upfront about what they share, and they can’t let anything get in the way of the information that they are sharing with the public.

Even if they feel pressure from superiors, some agents should come out and step out in support of revealing the information to the public. It creates a negative public attitude between the police and the public when it is carried out this way.